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    A Church for All Nations: Church in Maidstone,Church in Kent

Wednesday, 31. October 2012

A Church for All Nations: Church in Maidstone,Church in Kent
By churchinmaidstone, 06:37

“A thriving core of pleasure, gathering and association constructing within the heart of the neighborhood; showing God's adore for individuals by listening and reacting to their requirements.”

 The Church in Maidstone which moved across the road when it was created towards the end of the nineteenth century.

We are an energetic chapel with contemporary music and a heart to occupy with Father Jesus and Blessed Spirit. Worship that we do is the response to the God The Father of all, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It represents the whole interchange between earth and heaven. As the worship team we are the one that stands between the Son and The Father and move in intimacy with that holy spirit of God and help everyone with blessing them with the highness of almighty Christ. We have transformed this place in to a place where the people are transformed into that almighty God's likeness, and that's the reason that we can change families and community. What we desire is clear, we only want to worship God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, in spirit and in truth.

We desire for those members that are sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit. That love to worship God and also been able to serve God, each other and the body of Church Maidstone. If you live in Kent why not you just come to the Church in Kent and join one of our service in the name of that almighty God.

There are services we provide can range from age to age, and our children that work here are properly trained. We have many different missions that are being carried out in here, through The Lighthouse Hope Mission we extend an helping hand to the community directly through the resources that we are from those who have in excess with them and providing it to those who are in need as on the name of God that has always guided us to be merciful and committed to the good work. Other than this also we have a youth project for the youth to let them learn and grow.

We are a dedicated organization that is providing help through anyway it is possible, we have adopted many orphans in Zimbabwe and also in Nigeria and many other countries, we provide regular help to those poor little kids. Just checks us at our site! We welcome you.

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